Outback Inflatable Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board

Who says Mom and Dad should have all the fun? The board itself features a stainless steel D-ring to attach an ankle leash, 6 stainless steel D-rings along with an included bungee on the front and 4 more D-rings with a bungee on the rear to store any cargo you might want to take with you on your trip, a stabilizing fin that is detachable to make for easy carrying, a carrying handle to easily pull the board out of the water, and a large, grooved, anti-slip pad on the deck.

The drop stitch design features and general construction allow for most boards to be inflated to anywhere between 15 - 25psi making a rigid platform suitable for all paddlers. With stand up paddle boarding being one of the fastest growing sports in the world, more and more people discover the pleasure of the ride.

Stand up paddleboarding is a great cross training workout for runners and other athletes who want to take a day off from their regular, more strenuous regimens but who do not want to miss out on physical activity. Whether you've never been on a SUP or are looking to challenge for podiums in a race series, there is a Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP board for you.

In my experience of taking part in the Championships, the boards felt rigid, and it was impossible to tell them apart from hard boards I'd ridden in the past. Easy to transport - The most common reason for wanting an inflatable board seems to be because they are extremely easy to transport.

We offer only the highest quality products and stand behind them 100%, that's why we give a 2-year warranty for workmanship or material defect on our boards. Freein provides high quality inflatable paddle boards and SUP accessories. A stand Up Paddle allround often proves to be the best solution for families wanting to share a board.

From their beginnings over 25 years ago in Santa Cruz, California, to becoming a globally recognized brand, Surftech have developed a community of surfers, paddlers, shapers, designers and craftsmen who are connected through surfing and paddling and the pursuit of perfection.

Whether you are learning standup paddling or doing SUP Yoga poses, you will not keep on slipping on the wet board. The boards expansive deck pad gives you ample room inflatable stand up paddle board for yoga, Pilates and any other fitness related activity. We've got the best inflatable stand-up paddle boards to buy this year to let you cruise through calm waters or glide over choppy waves.

The best inflatable SUP boards are made using hardened rubber material, heavy-duty PVC, and multiple layers of urethane and polymer. Whether it’s out on a lake or canal, on the open ocean or even in the surf, SUP boarding is a great way to have a good time.

The board weighs in at twenty three pounds and can carry people up to a weight level of three hundred pounds, the paddle is asdjustable to suit people of different heights. PEAK Paddle Boards brings you the ultimate adventure paddle board package. Allround boards are typically thicker, wider, and longer than surf specific models.

Because our stand up paddle boards are inflatable, they are very portable, making them easy to load up into your vehicle. Sturdier: Hard to believe, but fiberglass boards can get dinged on docks and rocks. At King of Watersports, we only offer the high-end performance solid stand up paddle boards made from epoxy fibreglass.

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